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Publication list

2019   Between persistently active and activity‐silent frameworks: novel vistas on the cellular basis of working memory

            J Kamiński, U Rutishauser

           Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences



2019    Working Memory Load-related Theta Power Decreases in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Predict Individual                       Differences in Performance

             A Brzezicka, J Kamiński, CM Reed, JM Chung, AN Mamelak, U Rutishauser

             Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 1-18


2018    Novelty-sensitive dopaminergic neurons in the human substantia nigra predict success of declarative memory               formation

             J Kamiński, AN Mamelak, K Birch, CP Mosher, M Tagliati, U Rutishauser

             Current Biology 28 (9), 1333-1343. e4


2018    High Prevalence of Undiagnosed Insulin Resistance in Non-Diabetic Subjects with Parkinson’s Disease

             E Hogg, K Athreya, C Basile, EE Tan, J Kamiński, M Tagliati

             Journal of Parkinson's disease 8 (2), 259-265


2017    Frontal EEG alpha band asymmetry as a predictor of reasoning deficiency in depressed people

             A Brzezicka, J Kamiński, OK Kamińska, D Wołyńczyk-Gmaj, G Sedek

             Cognition and emotion 31 (5), 868-878



2017    Intermediate-Term Memory as a Bridge between Working and Long-Term Memory

             J Kamiński

             Journal of Neuroscience 37 (20), 5045-5047



2017    Automatic detection of periods of slow wave sleep based on intracranial depth electrode recordings

             CM Reed, KG Birch, J Kamiński, S Sullivan, JM Chung, AN Mamelak,  U Rutishauser

             Journal of neuroscience methods 282, 1-8



2017    Persistently active neurons in human medial frontal and medial temporal lobe support working memory

             J Kamiński, S Sullivan, JM Chung, IB Ross, AN Mamelak, U Rutishauser

             Nature Neuroscience 20 (4), 590



2017    Insights on Vision Derived from Studying Human Single Neurons

             J Kamiński, U Rutishauser

             Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience of Vision, 25-39



2016    Subthalamic Nuclei Deep Brain Stimulation Improves Color Vision in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

             OM Dumitrascu, J Kamiński, U Rutishauser, M Tagliati

             Brain Stimulation: Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research in Neuromodulation



2016    Measures of coupling between neural populations based on granger causality principle

             M Kaminski, A Brzezicka, J Kaminski, KJ Blinowska

             Frontiers in computational neuroscience 10, 114



2016    Subthalamic Nuclei Deep Brain Stimulation Improves ColorVision in Patients with Advanced Parkinson’s 


             O Dumitrascu, J Kaminski, U Rutishauser, M Tagliati

             Neurology 86 (16 Supplement), P4. 272



2016    EEG source activity during processing of neutral stimuli in subjects with anxiety disorders

             B Gmaj, P Januszko, J Kamiński, E Drozdowicz, M Kopera, D Wołyńczyk-Gmaj, W Szelenberger

             Acta Neurobiol Exp 76, 75-85



2015    Alertness opens the effective flow of sensory information through rat thalamic posterior nucleus

             A Sobolewski, E Kublik, DA Swiejkowski, J Kamiński, A Wróbel

             European Journal of Neuroscience 41 (10), 1321-1331



2015    The Time-Varying Causal Coupling in Brain and Organization of Its Networks

             M Kaminski, KJ Blinowska, A Brzezicka, J Kaminski, R Kus

             Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (IV), 203-207



2013    Local resource depletion hypothesis as a mechanism for action selection in the brain

             A Brzezicka, J Kamiński, A Wróbel

             Behavioral and Brain Sciences 36 (6), 682-683



2013    Application of directed transfer function and network formalism for the assessment of functional connectivity                 in working memory task

             KJ Blinowska, M Kamiński, A Brzezicka, J Kamiński

             Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 371 (1997), 20110614



2012    Beta band oscillations engagement in human alertness process

             J Kamiński, A Brzezicka, M Gola, A Wróbel

             International Journal of Psychophysiology 85 (1), 125-128



2012    Beta band oscillations as a correlate of alertness—changes in aging

             M Gola, J Kamiński, A Brzezicka, A Wróbel

             International Journal of Psychophysiology 85 (1), 62-67



2011    Gap junction blockade eliminates supralinear summation of fast (> 200 Hz) oscillatory components during

             sensory integration in the rat barrel cortex

             J Kaminski, A Wróbel, E Kublik

             Brain Research Bulletin



2011    Information Transfer During a Transitive Reasoning Task

             A Brzezicka, M Kamiński, J Kamiński, K Blinowska

             Brain topography, 1-8



2011    Short-term memory capacity (7±2) predicted by theta to gamma cycle length ratio

             J Kamiński, A Brzezicka, A Wróbel

             Neurobiology of learning and memory 95 (1), 19-23



2010    Cross-trial correlation analysis of evoked potentials reveals arousal-related attenuation of thalamo-cortical


             A Sobolewski, E Kublik, DA Świejkowski, S Łęski, JK Kamiński, A Wróbel

             Journal of computational neuroscience 29 (3), 485-493



2007    Two streams of attention-dependent β activity in the striate recipient zone of cat's lateral posterior–pulvinar 


             A Wróbel, A Ghazaryan, M Bekisz, W Bogdan, J Kamiński

             Journal of Neuroscience 27 (9), 2230-2240


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